From Kellogg School of Management: 5 Ways to Motivate Employees

Ways to Motivate Employees

There are many ways to motivate employees (other than financial incentives). These suggestions are great for old and new managers alike, providing proven guidance that will make you more of an asset to your company. Here are some tips from Kellogg School of Management:

1. Walk the talk
Make sure¬†policies are aligned with the organization’s values.

2. Clarify employee expectations
Be straight forward with every employee about what is expected of them before blaming the employee for poor performance.

3. Have more difficult conversations
Don’t wait for annual reviews to give feedback. It’s a disservice to you and your employee.

4. Know what happens when you enter the room
Social awareness and self-awareness are key attributes of good leaders.

5. Invest time in your employees
Get to know every employee’s strength and their goals for their career and within the company.