How to Use Recruiters and Staffing Agencies

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In this blog post, we are going to level-up your thinking about how to source career opportunities; particularly, how to use recruiters and staffing managers.

These people, on the one hand, are interviewing and checking the references for dozens or even hundreds of candidates at one time. On the other hand, they are staying in touch with regional employers -dozens or even hundreds of organizations at one time.

Staffing Managers
A staffing manager is a temporary staffing agent. Basically, what they do is they are going to send you to work at a client’s firm for a specific, short period of time. However, there is a chance that you and the client can get along really well and the client will say, “We want to hire this person full time,” and you’ll convert into a full-time employee. Staffing managers can ultimately help you find full-time work.

Recruiting Managers
There are also recruiting managers -sometimes called headhunters- and these people are placing you directly on their client’s payroll, meaning that you go directly to full-time employment with their client. These interview rounds tend to be more rigorous and the process is a little bit slower, whereas the staffing manager’s process is really fast. This is related to the amount of risk the client takes with bringing on someone full-time. Using a recruitment agency is expensive for any client and they want to make sure they find the perfect candidate for the role.

Real-Life Example
Let’s say that Mark is a recent graduate and he does a little bit of internet searching, finds a staffing agency in his area, and goes in for an interview. What is going to happen is the agency will interview Mark for his skillsets. They will not be interviewing him like they would hire him directly. What they need to do is know how to sell Mark to their clients. They are also going to help coach Mark in his interviewing skills, which is a huge bonus.

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A recruiter will often coach their candidates on interviewing skills, which is a huge bonus.

Staffing managers and recruiters are good partners for you have in your job search. You can ask them, “What could I have done better?” and that helps you on your job search generally.

Tweet: Staffing managers and recruiters are good partners for you have in your job search.

After his interview with the agency, the agent or the recruiter is going to go out and broadcast Mark’s profile to potential clients of theirs who might like to hire Mark and could use his skills. If any of these leads come up positive -and often they do- they’ll give Mark a call and Mark can begin work with this organization on a temporary or full-time basis. Depending on the client, he might also have an interview with the client before being hired.
Agency recruiters can be a really powerful asset for you on your job hunt. Make sure you are working with a recruiter in addition to applying for jobs independently. Temporary work might also be a good “band aid” for your financials if you are currently unemployed and waiting for the right job-fit.

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