The Force Awakens, 23andMe, and Using MBTI Profiles

In this week’s Brain Boost, our theme is “Fresh Approaches”. First, we are going to look at the new Star Wars trailer for The Force Awakens. Then, 23 and Me’s FDA approval. And, finally, using the MBTI to work smarter with the people around you.

The Force Awakens
Let’s look at the trailer for The Force Awakens –the new Star Wars movie. One thing that is interesting about this trailer and the release of this movie is that, oftentimes, there are longtime Star Wars fans watching the trailer with a very young person –12 or 10 years old. The young person has most likely never been exposed to the Star Wars concept at all.

In the spirit of fresh approaches, think about something that you do on a relatively routine basis –whether it’s designing products, serving clients designing marketing plans, etc.– and then think about how a twelve-year-old or somebody from a new generation or different customer base would react to what you are putting out there. How could you make it fresh and exciting?

23 and Me
Next, let’s look at 23 and Me who, this week, won FDA approval to mass-market their genetic tests. Basically, 23 and Me will send you a tube, you spit in the tube, and mail it back to them. Then, what they do is use their process to issue you a report on how your specific genome reacts to a variety of genetic diseases and personal characteristics.

The FDA’s approval of 23 and Me is a major step forward in the world of personalized health –something that I think is very very exciting and certainly a fresh approach to medicine.

Using MBTI to work well with others
Most of us are taught to think about our weaknesses and to spend time working on those if we want to improve. However, what’s interesting is, if you, in fact, learn what your strengths are and then lean into those, you can maximize them and then leverage the strengths of others in order to balance out where you’re weak.

In order to get started with that, you need to understand what your strengths are. One of the tools that you can use to do so is the MBTI.


Do you have any other “Fresh Approach” ideas for your own work or life? Share in the comments below!