Canon’s Decoy, Slack and Stewart Butterfield, AMT Series on Skillshare

In this week’s Brain Boost, Canon’s Decoy, why you should care about Slack, and the new Advanced Management Training series on Skillshare.

Canon’s Decoy
We will start by looking at the number one trending video on YouTube. It is from Canon Australia and is a piece of content marketing that is centered around the act of photographing portraits. You, out there in the community, who are interested in marketing and content marketing will find this video to be an exceptional evolution in the world of content marketing. You’ll notice that Canon’s brand is very lightly featured in the piece. Instead, the piece centers around photography itself.

That is, a photographer would love to see this video –not because of the camera, but because of their passion for photography. If you are interested in checking out this piece of content marketing yourself, you can find the link here in the video or in the tradition of the video below.

Slack and Stewart Butterfield
This year, Wall Street Journal has named Stewart Butterfield, the founder of slack, the Innovator of the Year. Slack claims to “kill email” and you might want to take it kind of seriously. It is now being used by over 1.5 million people worldwide and institutions like Harvard University, Nasa, Deloitte, and other high-profile organizations.

If you want to learn more about Slack, here is a tutorial on YouTube where you can learn more about the technology and how to use it. You might read this very interesting profile of Stuart, the founder of slack. He has a really interesting background in philosophy and a kind of unique approach to business.

AMT Series on Skillshare
Finally, we have a new series on Advancement Management Training that is now available and live on Skillshare. You can visit part one of the series at the link here. If you are a new manager, an existing manager, or an entrepreneur who wants to improve your leadership and management skills, you might want to check out this course series on Skillshare. It’s also available on Udemy.  

We’ll see you next week at 10 a.m. Pacific time for next week’s Brain Boost.